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Welcome toThe Faith in Our Stars

Using God's Gift of Astrology, 

Author/Advisor, Olive Honey, 

Grants Insight into Cusp Signs & Their Relationships on The Faith in Our Stars

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The Faith in Our Stars


Based on the #1 YouTube show for Cusp Signs, The Faith in Our Stars, this comprehensive guide shows the reader how to use God's gift of astrology to grant insight into Cusp Signs, people with Neighboring Signs in their charts, and their relationships.



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Using God's Gift of Astrology to Grant Better Insight into Ourselves & Our Relationships

Here's One of Our Client Comments

Olive Honey is very talented! Whole reading was spot on! She nailed everything to the T!. And this without pertinent information and me struggling to ask clear questions. I can only imagine what she would have read for me if I had all my info together. Thanks Ms. Honey!

Brittany S.


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I dove in and did not want to come back out. Smart, intense, and keeps you guessing the whole time. Please make this a movie, Ms. Shonda Rhimes.

Melanie Woodfork (on The Florist)

Olive Honey Publications Is 11 Years Old!

2022 marks the 11-Year Anniversary of Olive Honey Publications! Celebrate with us by buying an Olive Honey book and diving into the Olive Honey Universe today!


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